Hi! Thanks for your interest in Zeal: The Pride Improv Festival in London! We’re now in our second year, and the event will be taking place from 5-7 July. We’re dedicated to providing an opportunity for LGBTQIA improvisers to tell their stories and be true to their instincts onstage and we can’t wait to hear from acts who would like to perform at this year’s festival! Please fill in all the information below – the deadline for applications is midnight on 30 April.
Profits from our festival go to support Pride In London, so unfortunately we are unable to pay acts. By filling out this form you acknowledge this. Thanks for applying!
What is the name of your act?

What is the name of your contact person and what email address can we contact you on?

How many people are there in your group and how many identify as LGBTQIA?

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What city/country are you based in?

Tell us about your act…

Tell us a bit about your improv and performance experience…

How long is your average show, and what is the shortest time slot you could perform in (please bear in mind we will be attempting to schedule a lot of acts into just three nights, so if you can adapt to a shorter slot do let us know)?

Please let us know about any technical requirements…

Which of these dates are you currently available to perform on?

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